(at it since 1999..)


Featuring (in no particular order):
  • bootstrap
  • express
  • nodejs
  • jade
  • general tech consulting
  • research
  • custom REST APIs and most types of API integrations
  • product design
  • inventory, customer and content management
  • payments/processing integration
  • HTML/CSS & ALL kinds of Javascript flavors
  • mongodb, oracle, sql server, spreadsheet, access, and simple filesystem data-sets
  • superfluous c#, .net, asp classic, vbscript & legacy support
My philosophy:
  • I'll link up down left right and sideways, but never in..
  • Server is Server, Client is Client, and forever the twain shall meet
  • Static content rules! Making it Dynamic is awesome.
  • Give something to the Bots
  • Do it once, Do it right. Keep it simple (when possible).
  • Do unto others.
  • Abide.
I'm sure I left some things out. If you wonder if I can help you then feel free to contact me.